The Craft Corner After School Arts and Craft Classes

Available throughout Leinster, Kildare


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After School Arts and Craft Classes for Primary School children. Suitable for ages 5 and up. Based in Co. Kildare. 

Our After School arts and craft programmes currently run throughout Co. Kildare. We can come and teach an After School Art programme at your child's school anywhere in Leinster. 

Our art terms run 4 times throughout the year. Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer terms. Each term has a theme of projects to it. 

We teach traditional artist techniques and skills in a fun and encouraging environment. We incorporate art lessons into craft projects, mixing media and non traditional techniques to teach children a long lasting love of arts and crafts

If you would like us to run an After School programme in your child's school just get in touch and we can put a package together for you. 

Through teaching the classes we have seen first hand the confidence in their own self worth that children gain from their ability to create their own art.

Craft teaches independence of thought and both observational and problem solving techniques that will benefit them across so many aspects of their lives

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