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Nestled in the green hills of south Sligo, Irelands´ largest sanctuary for Raptors and Owls, the Irish Raptor Research Centre is situated on 27 ha of mature parkland

Currently it is home of more than 100 Eagles, Hawks, Owls, Falcons and Vultures. Altogether there are more than 450 birds and animals out of 85 different species in the centre.

Established in 1999 as an institution for research on birds of prey, parts of the area where opened to the public in 2003. Only a few years later it was one of the major tourist attractions in the northern part of Ireland. Ten-thousands of visitors’ flock to see the spectacular Bird Shows with Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Vultures and Owls of different species.

Twice daily scientists train these birds for visitors and give information about the biology of these magnificent creatures. They also answer questions from the audience. During these entertaining interactive Bird Shows visitors can experience different types of birds of prey flying right over their head or landing beside them. Some have a wingspan of up to 3 metres. It is also possible to touch some of them and some members of the audience may even have one flying to their bare hand. At Eagles Flying they developed a very special, friendly way of working with raptors and other animals and there is no risk whatsoever for any member of the audience. These shows are unique - you have never been that close to raptors!

During the shows, starting at 11 am and 3 pm every day and lasting for approximately one hour, the birds are presented in their natural habitat – not in an arena. Before and after the shows the visitors can walk the park lands and enjoy the birds displayed in aviaries or on perches close to the walking path. Staff will give information on the birds and answer questions.

For the ones who prefer it cuddlier; there is also a large supervised Petting-Zoo.  Here, visitors can get hands-on with guinea-pigs, pigs, rabbits, lambs, goats, donkeys, ferrets, and many more.  Rosie the 350kg pig gives kids a proper piggy-back ride, Grizzly, the raccoon, is a gifted pickpocket, Tui, the fox makes a perfect (live) fur collar for fashion conscious ladies and Monty, the 4-meter Python, even makes a perfect scarf for at least 6 people at a time

The most time and resource consuming section is the Animal Rescue Department. Animals and birds in need are taken on, medicated and made fit for rehabilitation. Problem animals, passed on by animal rescue groups, are treated and healed to a very high percentage.

Eagles Flying is also accredited as EU-Zoo and cooperates with other Zoos on an international basis breeding endangered species. The sanctuary is especially renowned for its successful breeding programme of Himalayan Vultures, some of the largest birds of prey in the World. They have a wingspan of more than 3 metres and reach a weight of nearly 14 kg. There are only a few Zoos in the World keeping these stately birds and Eagles Flying probably has the largest captive group of this species.

The show area can seat more than 550 people per show. In case of rain, the shows can be presented indoors

For more information such as directions or rates you can visit  www.eaglesflying.com

Opening Times:10.30 - 12.30 & 2.30 to 4.30
Shows at 11.00 and 3pm daily

Booking is generally not necessary!
But: If you intend to bring a group of more than 50 people, a short notice will be appreciated.

Children (under 3) … Free
Children 3yr – 16yr …€ 5.90      
Adults … € 9.90
Students (with ID) … € 8.90
Family (2 Adults and *2 Children) … € 29.90 (*each additional child € 4.90)
Classes (1 minder free/10 students) … € 4.90 per student
Adult Groups (16 people and more) … € 7.90 per person

Your entrance fee enables us to do our important nature conservancy work.

Sorry, we are not able to accept any credit cards!

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